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PQ Tribes 2015

PQ Tribe Kings of Busking (27/6/2015, 16:00 from Náprstkovo muzeum) is the first of several activities connected with the project BUSKING = ASKING (Theatre Archa Lab residency 2015/2016). The final performance will be at Archa Theatre in March 2016 (Work in Progress December 2015). The Aim of the project is to reflect the different view points on the phenomen of busking by buskers, tourists and the citizens of Prague. Other BUSKING = ASKING activities are an open discussion about busking 15 - 17th July 2015 at Staroměstské náměstí and an interactive Buskers map, witch locates Pragues most famous buskers during the 4 + 4 days in motion festival (2 - 11th October 2015). From September 2015 there are weekly free and open workshops at Archa's rehearsal room in Zlatnická Street.


Concept a dramaturgy: Mathias Straub, Linda Straub
Costumes: Mathias Straub

With: Petr Biel, Eliška Brtnická, Ondřej Dlhoš, Zuzana Drábová, Michaela Stará, Linda Straub, Mathias Straub, Prokop Vondruška, 

27. 6.  2015

PQ Tribes

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